Published by Beth Morgan on 08 Sep 2011

Where does the time go?…….

Afternoon everyone

….another school year begins, another gorgeous Italian holiday is over and I have to get my head in gear to work and organise and design my new collection…mmmmmm.

If only it was that straight forward! I am still super busy with all my lovely couture wearing ladies…have been sending designs all over the world…America, Australia, Brazil, Germany etc etc. The world appears to have gone fascinator mad!! My order book is still full and there aren’t enough hours in the day…hence my complete failure at blogging!!

Although I’m already moaning about the weather and the cold..(.is Cheshire the wettest place on earth?  Not far off I reckon!!)……I am excited about Autumn and Christmas occasions, the excuse to wear something fabulous and sparkly…as many of my customers are doing….and wrapping ourselves in the richest of fabric, velvets, jewel like silk and  shiny new leather boots!!

There seems to be the annual serge towards all thing country…lots of pheasant feather requests, either long and dramatic or short feathers covering a pill box……give me some tartan and some heather and an open fire and we have the makings of a grand occasion!

Worn perhaps with…….

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Published by Beth Morgan on 21 Jul 2011


I need one…….I need warmth, no rain and a cool summer breeze to tone down pink cheeks in the evenings…..not much to ask really?!!

I will have holiday this summer….but first I have to get through the most ridiculous amount of work….not complaining….well I am a little….could do with some more hands!

There, I’ve moaned……

On the positive side I am making some amazing headdresses for some amazing people and I love the buzz and the excitement of opening email and answering calls just waiting to see what’s coming next! The world has gone hat mad!! Yeah!!!

Here are a couple of snaps of some recent work……enjoy!!

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Published by Beth Morgan on 27 Jun 2011

Its been too long……

I know, I know….I’m not too good at keeping up with this blog thing….keep having to make hats and they get in the way!!

This is a quickie…just to say I am still here…survived the madness that is Ascot week…managed to enjoy myself at Ladies Day despite the cold and wet….but it wasn’t quite the same…not as much parading around in our finery this year….most kept inside out of the wind!

But the Spring/Summer madness is still not over and I can hardly keep up!

Have to say I am loving the fact that almost every day I am seeing the Duchess of Cambridge sporting another beautiful hat! Lets keep the Kate effect rolling! I have had enquiries from all over the world since the  wedding of the year…..Ghana,South Africa, Australia and the USA….we British, I think, still lead the way in the fabulous world of Millinery!!

Making our way home after Ladies Day…… to love a fireman!!

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Published by Beth Morgan on 12 May 2011

This just in……

Saw this on a blog from across the pond….seems the hat and fascinator rise is happening the world over!!! Long may it continue!!


First we had The Royal Wedding, then the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala in NYC and lastly, the Kentucky Derby. And, the winner was definitely Hats and Fascinators.

There have been dozens of newspaper articles, blogs and TV interviews about the rising popularity of headwear. Everyone is saying that if Kate Middleton (now the Duchess of Cambridge) continues to wear hats then hat business will soar even more.

According to hat stores across the US and the UK, sales are up over last year. Over My Head, a hat boutique in Upper Arlington, Ohio, has seen an increase in demand for hats similar to the style worn by Middleton and wedding guests.

Hat trends are changing because of Middleton and the royal wedding, said Bethany Golden, owner of Over My Head.

Golden said her boutique saw an increase of almost 50 percent in sales from last year during the hat season, which includes the Kentucky Derby, Hat Day at the Franklin Park Conservatory and wedding season.

The hat style that is dominating now is the fascinator, worn by Middleton, Golden said. Fascinators are small hats or headbands worn on one side of the head, Golden said. They are often embellished with feathers, flowers or veiling.

“With a big hat, you see mostly hat (when a person is wearing it),” Golden said. “But with a fascinator, it kind of adds to you, versus getting covered up by a big hat.”

Golden said Over My Head sold four fascinators for every one regular hat this year. She said the boutique sold one fascinator in 2010 and has sold 38 in 2011.

Golden said she thinks the increase in demand comes from women wanting to wear Middleton’s style.

“With the popularity of the Royal Wedding and Kate Middleton, I think that femininity is starting to come back,” Golden said. “So you see dresses coming back, and you see headbands and flowers and hair adornments coming back. I think that’s all part of it.”

Golden said the majority of the fascinators in her store, which range in price from roughly $150 to $450, are made by Brenda Risacher, a local hat designer.

Golden said she thinks fascinators should become a fashion staple. “If Kate Middleton continues to wear hats, then I think we’ll see everyone else follow suit.”

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Published by Beth Morgan on 09 May 2011

Tick Tock……


Six weeks and counting!

Having now got over the Royal Wedding rush and while still in the midst of the Bridal rush….I need to give a timely reminder to all you ladies out there that Royal Ascot is only a few short, sweet weeks away.

(I also have to remind myself to choose a dress and get on with my own hat! Some how I always wait to the last minute…mmmmm…….)

Talking of dresses…I have just been making some rather lovely headdresses to be worn with some really gorgeous Philip Armstong dresses…….dressmakers to all fabulous women….I rather like the nudes below…..

There are some totally fab frocks out there not to mention the shoes……so come on…get a wriggle on and don’t be the disappointed lady in the disappointing chapeau!

Just in case you need reminding…….Ladies Day June 16th!

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Published by Beth Morgan on 04 May 2011

Royal Wedding…what a day!

Morning all….

Just wanted to add my mutterings to the world wide web about the totally fabulous marriage of Catherine and William. How perfect did Catherine look? I’m picky…..ask my friends….but she looked amazing….absolutely perfect…..beautiful girl. Big congratulations to Sarah Burton….job, extremely well done!

I was up early with my children making paper chains….when was the last time I did that?! Probably more years ago than I dare to think!

Then quickly put together a few red white and blue fascinators for the girls living on my street and a rather lovely embellishment on my son’s top hat!!

I wore red white and blue and a rather lovely red headdress…received many compliments about that at our street party!!

Would also like to mention and thank the British fashion industry for in the most part showing the world how its done!! I was totally loving seeing all the fabulous outfits and as for the hats…….!!! Special thanks to Mr Philip Treacy who I understand made around 40 hats for most of the Royals and high profile guests…..some absolute gems…..for me Zara Phillips….amazing…….!!!

I would like to thank all the ladies in the abbey wearing Beth Morgan…you know who you are…..! Thank you!! Really made my day…if it needed to be any more exciting…much jumping up and down in my house….made me feel in some way that I was there!!

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Published by Beth Morgan on 14 Apr 2011

The Kate Middleton effect…..

Saw this in the London Standard and couldn’t agree more!! Thank you Kate!!

Every outfit Kate Middleton has worn since the announcement of the royal wedding has led to a frenzy in the shops as fans imitate her look.

Now sales of fascinators, favoured by Prince William’s bride-to-be, are enjoying a resurgence, retailers said today. Sales have risen by 65 per cent and thousands have been sold in Harvey Nichols and Selfridges concessions in the six months since the royal wedding announcement.

Designer Cherry Chau said sales of her fascinators had more than doubled since last year. “It’s been fantastic,” she said. “Kate is such an icon and she’s been wearing our fascinators for quite some time now – since she was at St Andrews.

“There’s something really cool and really real about her that people just want to have. Her kind of luck, her kind of life, her kind of confidence.”

John Lewis and Marks & Spencer have also seen a steep rise in fascinator sales. In the last week alone, John Lewis said sales of the headgear went up by 26 per cent.

One of the many brands to enjoy the effects of Miss Middleton’s status as a fashion icon is Issa London, whose Sapphire dress sold out within 24 hours of her engagement photocall with Prince William

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Published by Beth Morgan on 11 Apr 2011

Boodles Ladies Day at Chester

Only a few weeks to go ladies….and with this definite spring feel in the air its time to get the dresses out we’ve been saving for a really lovely day out at the races!

For me this is the start of the racing season…not only in terms of work, but also for my social diary!

Its rained at Chester, its been windy, its been really hot and beautifully sunny….but what ever the weather (we’re good at being prepared!!) Chester is always a fun and stylish day out!

Aintree has been and gone…..Royal Ascot just round the corner……so, get set…… glam !!!

Perhaps worn with……


Just an idea!!

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Published by Beth Morgan on 25 Mar 2011

Hello Spring!

What a glorious week its been this week….think its a record for Cheshire….having at least 4 sunny, rain free days in a row!! Its been so lovely……children playing, birds singing and the that fab feeling of the warmth of the sun… how come I am inside designing and making fascinators and headdresses for Autumn /Winter!!! I have had to channel my inner Christmas spirit and think roaring fires, mistletoe and sparkly, frosty mornings!! Snow queen inspired pieces a plenty!!

However its fun……also at full steam ahead with weddings, brides and the races…..some very organised people out there who have lots of time to plan….!! That reminds me I must find my outfit for Ascot…I’ll worry about the hat later!

There are some amazing frocks out there this season….Karen Millen and Coast are doing sterling work again at dressing us in fab fashions….just a little edgy and a great statement….. here are a couple of ideas……

Worn with……


with this little number……

…..and as for this…….love it!!

….especially when worn wit this…….!!

Just ideas! Back to winter for me now….at least for a few hours!! xx

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Published by Beth Morgan on 07 Mar 2011

2011 Collection

Its finally here….seems to have been a while coming I know! Thank you for your patience!

Its seems a long time ago that I started to think about my new collection. Often just one hat triggers the whole process and this time it was Jazz! I loved making this hat…one of those blissful days where and idea turns into a reality and comes together so well! I love this piece…… makes you walk tall, feel elegant and silently screams…look at me!!!

This collection has been inspired by vintage themes from the 1920′s to the 50′s to right here and now….feathers, veiling, jewel encrusted glamour, our inner movie star …the desire to dress up and  go out for cocktails….fabulous swirling skirts…..yards of net…. nipped in waists….killer heels……red lip stick!  The list goes on……it takes us to the past and back again….to arrive here in 2011…….enjoy!

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